A speech on teachers day

Brazil 15 October Established by a decree regulating elementary schools in Brazil. With the theme "Nation building passes through teachers", the day served as an opportunity to pay homage to teachers who toil, sometimes under not-so-comfortable conditions, to build the capacities of human resources for the socio-economic development of the country. The date was moved to December 10 inbecause on that day inthe Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral received the Nobel Prize.

A speech on teachers day

But, before you pick up the pen and paper to jot down what you think is going to be one of the greatest speeches, do take this into consideration. How many times have you attended a lecture and fell asleep half way through it?

Keep a format in mind A long speech without breaks would tire out your audience. So, before you begin to pen your speech prepare a draft.

This would have a rough sketch of all the things you have in mind; that you would like to make part of your speech.

Break your speech into relevant paragraphs and sub-heads. Write the relevant content under each sub-head. But make sure that the content should gel with the sub-head.

If your sub-head is focused on a particular topic and the content underneath it is going in a different direction, then it is sure to infuriate your audience and mar what could otherwise have been a fabulous speech.

The opening address and the speech The opening address has to be crisp, clear and to the point. Begin by addressing your principal, teachers, fellow students and other audience present in the hall. It would give your speech a truly global appeal if you could include the names of some famous foreign teachers as well.

Talk about the Indian educational system, how it has evolved, the system of gurukul and gurudakshina, and how, over the years, the educational system has changed but the significance has remained the same.

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Lengthy speeches can often be boring unless they have something new to tell to the listeners. Take a leaf out of history. However, it is considered among one of the greatest speeches not only in the United States but around the world.

So, say few but powerful words. No matter how eloquent and meaningful the words are, they will lose appeal if the speaker is devoid of any emotions. So, be interactive by using your hands, facial expressions, actions and emotions. Draw your audience in, entertain them, inform them and your speech would turn out to be a memorable one.

But keep in mind to not overdo it, as it would give you a comic look. Do not fumble while presenting your speech; it is a big turnoff. A great speech needs to have a great ending. No matter how engrossing the speech, an abrupt end would leave the audience frustrated and fuming.

Pay attention to the end. Use quotes of some great academicians or personalities to give a fitting finale to your speech.

And if you have the creative instinct, then you can create a memorable quote to end in speech. The ending should be such that would make your speech memorable and worthy of being referred by the future generation of students to come.

I want to start my speech by thanking all my teachers who have made me what I am today and provided their wonderful guidance to me at all stages of life. Teachers Day is the day to honour our Gurus who contribute the maximum to our development.

It is teachers who help us survive in this competitive world. They are the ones who give impeccable contribution in shaping our careers.

A speech on teachers day

Without teachers there is no or less enlightenment in life. They greatly impact our well being, development and growth. Apart from being the source of knowledge and wisdom teachers are the best guides and motivators.

It is because of the tireless efforts of my teachers that I am able to become what I am today. I would seizethis opportunity today by extending my warm regards and gratitude to all my teachers and thanking them for their dynamic support.

Speech 2 Good morning to Principal, teachers and all my dear friends. Today I am here to deliver a speech on the occasion of Teachers Day. Before going any further I would like to thank my teachers and fellows for providing me an opportunity to share my views on this day in front of you all.

I want to begin my speech by marking the importance of teachers in our lives. I want to begin with defining teachers. Teachers are not confined to the four walls of the school.List of Teachers' Days.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. U.S. President Obama meets with teachers on Teachers' Day, May 2, Teachers' Day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general.

Narendra Modi: The current prime minister and eminent leader, Narendra Modi is known to be extra specific with his plombier-nemours.com his speech made on teachers day, PM Modi spoke about how a student. Teachers' Day Speech - Teachers' day speeches are actually considered as a wonderful way for expressing the respect and sincere acknowledgement to their teachers.

Check out several ways to convey your heartfelt reverence for your teachers. Better Speech and Hearing Month Celebration The UFT Speech Improvement Chapter’s 12th annual Better Speech and Hearing Month Celebration honored speech providers and their students and showcased their winning projects at UFT headquarters in Manhattan on May Today, on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, I am giving this speech in English on behalf of all the students of Class IX.

Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India on 5 th September every year. It is the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli plombier-nemours.com great son of India was an outstanding scholar and teacher. A Bronx visionary Alhassan Susso, who inspires his Bronx students to discuss vulnerability and compassion, has been named the New York State Teacher of the Year.

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