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Do we really need power point essay

Sadly, this is the best that can be said for a radical and unnecessary project. The concerns we raise here admittedly come several years late. There ought to have been thorough discussion by the whole church inwhen the idea for a Psalter-Hymnal surfaced, and before our General Assembly voted to go full-speed ahead.

And now the work has gotten entangled in a quest for better ecumenical relations with a sister church. Shortly after our church was founded inofficers and congregations realized there was no hymnbook in print that was suitable for use in our worship.

In the mids, we decided to produce our own songbook.

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It took more than fifteen years to reach publication. Along the way, the General Assembly studied the place of song in worship and eventually rejected the recommendation to publish a book containing psalms exclusively, with no specifically Christian hymns.

The church also refused to include all the psalms for singing in our new hymnal. Trinity Hymnal finally appeared in It contained hundreds of excellent hymns and a wide but selective collection of psalms, psalm versions, and paraphrases. Trinity Hymnal quickly became much beloved and highly esteemed, both in the OPC and by schools and other churches.

Aboutcopies have been sold over a span of fifty years. In the mids, after the Presbyterian Church in America joined us in the joint venture of Great Commission Publications, we determined to revise our hymnal.

About songs were deleted and replaced by new selections. Most people in our church have found it more than adequate, yet it remains open to revision and improvement. The Christian hymns express the fullness of biblical truth, suitable for a variety of occasions.

The psalms included cover fundamental teachings in the book of Psalms: What precious, enduring truth revealed in the Old Testament is missing from this catalog and thus absent from our current hymnal?

This has not been proved. One member of the Psalter-Hymnal Composition Committee wrote of his conviction that God nowhere directs his people—either in the Old or the New Testament—to sing all the biblical psalms in worship.

This view has been the overwhelming consensus within the OPC since her founding, and I concur in it.

Do we really need power point essay

But a few years ago, without concerted or church-wide discussion, the General Assembly suddenly decided to abandon this consensus.

This is what I mean by speaking of the Psalter-Hymnal project as a radical one. Briefly—and maybe too bluntly—not all the psalms as originally written are suitable for corporate Christian praise and prayer. Now, the old covenant reveals much that remains forever true: The Old Testament points us to Christ.

But the Psalms, and the rest of the Old Testament, were written before the incarnation of the uncreated Son of God, prior to his earthly life and ministry of humble obedience and love, and before his death on the cross as an atoning sacrifice, his glorious resurrection, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the church.

What are the notes sounded in the Psalms that Christians find troubling? The first problem we usually feel is the invocation of curses or imprecations against enemies. The Psalms repeatedly seek and celebrate the destruction of human adversaries see Pss.New Horizons Do We Really Need a Psalter-Hymnal?

Donald M. Poundstone.

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