Essay about your worst job

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Essay about your worst job

Most of the winners wrote about their experiences facing various types of financial hardship and challenges. They are worth reading simply as sample essayswhich could give you ideas for topics of your own. The idea is to see if you can include similar themes or details in your own essay to elicit a similar positive reaction from your target schools.

Lieber started his piece by talking about how the associate dean of admissions at Wesleyan University read about 1, essays last year, and that only about 10 were about work or jobs.

He speculated the reason for such a low number was that many students were either affluent and never needed or wanted to work during high school, or that they were underprivileged students who thought the need to work would not reflect well on them. Regardless of the reason, Lieber went on to encourage students yes, you out there!

And I heartily agree!


Financial hardship and triumph, and wants and needs, are the stuff of great literature. Reflecting on them is one excellent way to differentiate yourself in a deeply personal way. And we all know how the best college admissions essays include your real-life stories, right?

So consider writing about that job. So, yes, if you have faced financial hardship, or any other type of hardship, consider it for your topic because you will have an instant problem to share and reflect upon, and will also find yourself digging deep into your background and memories, and write an essay that is personal and compelling.

Hardship does not always need to be dramatic or a crisis. It can be any set of circumstances that made something hard or difficult for you.

Often, essays written about mundane or everyday hardships or problems make the best reads.

7 Steps To Getting (And Losing) The Worst Job in Showbiz

If you faced a dramatic hardship in your life, similar to those written about by these students, consider it for your topic.When I was nineteen, one of my college professors wanted me to stick around campus for the summer to help him with a large project. Unfortunately, the project would really only employ me for about fifteen hours a week, so to supplement that time, he helped me hunt for another job on campus.

Job interviews have the potential to either be exciting, hopeful experiences, or be a complete disaster. What was your absolute worst job interview experience?

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Maybe the job description you read. Add your favorite articles, videos, podcasts, and more to your Queue so you can enjoy them anytime on any device.

Essay about your worst job

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