Essay on prakriti in sanskrit

The True Meaning of Prakriti in Hinduism by Jayaram V One of the major problems we have today is that many educated Hindus understand and interpret Hinduism in English from a western perspective. As a result many important concepts of Hinduism become superimposed with foreign thought, which is not necessarily always correct. The matter is further complicated by western writers having limited knowledge of Hinduism and who are non-practicing Hindus providing a scholarly or historical perspective to the beliefs and practices of Hinduism as if they have an authority on the subject.

Essay on prakriti in sanskrit

Where can you get sanskrit essays in sanskrit language? You have not mentioned the purpose for which you need these Sanskrit Essays. To my knowledge as of now there are no ready-to-use essays on subjects of popular interest availab…le on the net. Textbooks on Sanskrit Essays are available from many publishers from Varanasi.

If you want on a specific subject you may please message me on my Message board with your EmailID. How do you write an essay on sanskrit? India is a land of fairs and festivals. Many festivals are celebrated in India, regularly every year.

Though Diwali is celebrated by all the Hindus, it has a special significance for the Vaish community. The festival is celebrated at the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the winter season.

Sometimes, it takes place towards the end of October and at other times in the November. According to Hindu calendar, it falls every year in the month of Kartik. The season at this time is pleasant. It is neither hot not too cold. The festival is celebrated in honour of the goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth.


It is believed that the goddess blesses those with prosperity, who keeps their houses neat and clean on this day.

The goddess is supposed to visit the Hindu homes at midnight. The Jains also celebrated the festival with great enthusiasm because it was on this day that Lord Mahavira achieved Nirvan.

Essay on prakriti in sanskrit

The day before the festival great preparations are made. Houses are white-washed and well-cleaned. Furniture, doors and windows are all polished and varnished. The walls are decorated with curtains and pictures.

Buntings and festoons are specially prepared for the occasion and are hung at places. In every house sweets are prepared or purchased from the market.

Sweets are exchanged among friends and relatives. The day itself is marked with great rejoicing and merry-making.According to Knut Jacobsen, in the dualistic system of the Samkhya school, "Purusha is the principle of pure consciousness, while Prakriti is the principle of matter", where Purusha is the masculine in every living being as consciousness, while Prakriti is the feminine and substrate which accepts the Purusha.

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