Motivational factors influencing job satisfaction

Promotion Feeling of being a part of something Due to the complexity of humans and the associated aspect of motivation, many gurus over the years have created a number of motivation theories to try to identify and understand the factors that influence our enthusiasm levels, and therefore our driving force behind our actions. The following are the key theories that have been created over the past century. He attempted to create reasoning among different motivation levels, stating that motivational needs range from the basic physiological needs like air, food etc to self-fulfilment, like helping others and growing as a person. He identified that our motivational factors influence what we are aspiring for and are in sequential order.

Motivational factors influencing job satisfaction

It could be a week, a month, or a year. The motivating factor will become stale, and the employee will be looking for some new challenges. Each person has a different affinity for accepting risk. Each person accepts and adopts to change at a different rate. Flexibility of policies, job descriptions, and career development is important to keep the job interesting.

Processes within the company have to be fair: Fair processes are demonstrated by the combination of: Providing an explanation of why the process or strategy is important big picture to the overall success of the company. Intrinsic internal motivators are far more powerful than extrinsic incentives, commissions, or bonuses.

Done well the extrinsic motivators compliment the intrinsic motivators. Incentives and bonus plans define results for performance, but they do not manage, or in the long term, motivate employees.

Incentives and bonus plans do require more attentive management and result in key metrics being more visible. Incentive systems are also good at setting clear expectations between the manager and the employee. Managers should always proactively schedule one-on-one time with their employees.

Frequent communication is essential to maintaining a motivated employee. Quality time spent with your employees can be a huge enabler for understanding their current motivators.

We all want to be on a winning team. Great leaders create a vision and common team goals to maintain the motivation of their employees over a long period of time. The management team must demonstrate success and growth of the organization.

Employees must like and respect their direct manager or their motivation will be limited. The overall business environment can certainly affect employee morale as well i. Current work load and time away from home must be monitored closely or the employee will get burnt out.

The overall compensation plan has to be competitive. It is important to check annually on what the current market range is for each particular position.

Compensation plans have to be clearly communicated and understood between the manager and employee. Employees want both autonomy and to work in a great team environment. Sometimes these drivers can be in conflict. The current success of employees feeds or reduces their future motivation.

Motivational factors influencing job satisfaction

Great managers always help their employees achieve personal successes when possible. Some employees want advancement and career development opportunities. Some employees do not want advancement or change and are very happy in their current position.Motivational Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction Words | 45 Pages Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Employee motivation and job satisfaction have always been an important issue in an organization, but few organizations have not made motivation and job satisfaction top priorities or even neglected the issue at times.

-identify internal factors influencing motivation. Maslow's Need Hierarchy Satisfied needs lose motivational potential. 1. pay attention to hygiene & motivator factors, because both related to satisfaction 2. recognizing good performance is important in a down economy.

MOTIVATION & ITS THEORIES Welcome to today’s lesson on motivation. We have appreciated earlier the importance • Motivation is different from job satisfaction • MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS There are several factors that motivate a person to work. The motivational factors can .

The five Prime Motivational Factor model developed in this study is recommended for use as a planning tool by police leaders to improve motivational and job-satisfaction .

untapped motivational factors was the creation of ‘unashamed’ professional attitude and values including the belief in doing the best job and profession. The . What is Job Design? Meaning. Job design means to decide the contents of a job.

It fixes the duties and responsibilities of the job, the methods of doing the job and the relationships between the job holder (manager) and his superiors, subordinates and colleagues.

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