Oceans essay

Read this essay to learn about the Oceans. After reading this essay you will learn about: Discovery of the Oceans 2. Relief of the Oceans 3.

Oceans essay

References 7 Introduction Coastline changes due to weather and human intervention represent a major concern for coastal planners all over Oceans essay world.

Coastline changes, not only has an effect on citizens who own property by the seaside, it also has a major effect on our business here at McDuff. While beaches may be vacation spots for some, their disappearance through erosion a great loss of business for our company. The purpose of this report is to inform our coastal planners and stakeholders of ways to prevent coastal erosion in the Caribbean.

Shorelines are areas of continuous change. Natural forces of wind and water interact with the land and cause shifts between water and land. These shifts between water and land have been taking place for centuries but it has become a major issue in the Caribbean islands since tourism became the major industry in the s.

Despite being a major value here at McDuff, beaches have not been perceived as areas needing management, protection and funding.

Essay on the Oceans

Environmental awareness has been growing slowly due to the numerous hurricanes that have past through the region. These dramatic events bring home to everyone the importance and vulnerability of the region's beaches.

This report will give information regarding: This report provides information on these situations and offers ways to protect the beaches in the future.

Countering The Effects of High Seas Waves, tides and ocean currents are among the several natural forces that cause beach changes.


One cause of considerable beach erosion is swell waves. Swell waves are seas that have moved out and away from the area in which they were formed. Because of their different wave lengths and wave speeds, waves move outward from the windy areas where they formed, and separate into groups of waves with distinct wave periods.

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In the Caribbean, swell waves are usually caused by intense mid-latitude storms in the North Atlantic Ocean, which travel thousands of kilometers south affecting the west, north and east coasts of the islands in the winter months from October to April http: Effects of Accretion Komar, During the summer months, when the seas are calmer and the waves smaller, beaches tend to build up.

This process is known as accretion http: If the amount of winter erosion exceeds summer accretion, there is overall erosion with the land behind the beach being eroded as the beach retreats inland. The rate of retreat is called the erosion rate. Erosion may be due to one or more factors: Conversely, if accretion exceeds erosion, the beach gets wider over time and accretionary features, such as cuspate forelands, tom bolos, spits and bars, may develop see Figure 1.

Oceans essay

Hurricanes Extreme events such as hurricanes are the major cause of shoreline changes in the Caribbean. Many hurricanes originate as tropical waves off the west coast of Africa and travel across the Atlantic Ocean gaining strength from the warm ocean waters http: As tropical waves strengthen, they pass through several stages, including tropical depression and tropical storm before reaching hurricane strength.

Once a system reaches tropical storm strength, it is named. Hurricanes are further classified into five categories based on wind speed see Figure 2. The wind speeds in categories one to five refer to sustained wind speeds.

Actual gusts may be much higher. Most hurricanes are experienced in September in the Caribbean Bacon The evidence indicates that we have now entered an active hurricane cycle, which is expected to continue for the next two decades. The years and were especially active, registering as the second-most active year on record with nineteen named storms http: Tropical storms and hurricanes generate waves that move out of the immediate vicinity of the hurricane to affect other islands as swell waves.

Considerable damage may occur to beach systems as a result of high seas, raised water level, high winds and heavy rain fall. Hurricane waves erode the- Genre and Narrative in Oceans 11 and The Bone Collector The Purpose of this essay is to compare how genre and narrative are established.

In order to examine how genre and narrative are established in two crime films, we conducted a close textual analysis of Oceans 11 and the bone collector. Essay # 1. Origin of Ocean Currents: the currents in the oceans are originated due to combined effects of several factors acting internally as well as externally.

Oceans Essay example - Oceans Earth is the only planet in the Solar System that has liquid water. The ocean contains ninety seven percent of the earth’s water and covers almost three quarters of the planet.

There are four different oceans, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and the Arctic. Oceans in Crisis Essay Words | 8 Pages. Oceans are such so vast that people underestimate the impact their actions —seeming so insignificant— have on them.

Humans have by and large taken the oceans for granted; not considering how important a healthy ocean is to our survival. Figure placement is effectively thought out to show Ocean in the centre, as the main character, and one side of him lit, from outside light, the other in darkness from inside the prison, introducing the classic narrative structural opposition of good versus evil, and showing Oceans two sides in the framing and lighting.

Essay on oceans those issues. Her work should be looked at closely by all as it stresses the importance of a clean ocean. There are many things that we.

Essay on the Oceans