Supply chain management master thesis sample

Thesis research topics are vast and include such topics as aging, cognitive performance, data mining, engineering education, information technology, machine learning, manufacturing metrology and tribology, logistics, quality, supply chain management, simulation, and transportation.

Supply chain management master thesis sample

He is a supply chain consultant specialising in supply chain dynamics and is founder and Executive Director of Pharma TEAM-UP, a non-profit initiative with the goal of fostering closer supply chain integration.

He is one of the principal architects behind the Poseidon program, which has been conceived to radically transform the transportation of pharmaceutical products by sea.

This is being achieved through the application of contemporary supply chain best-practice and structured, multi-party collaboration. He regularly presents on this topic and has authored numerous papers. He has a special interest in the use of risk management and modern quality methodologies.

He was a key member of the expert panel that developed the accompanying RP Training Standard and runs regular training courses for RPs. As well as his experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, Bob has also worked in a range of other industries, including: This breadth of experience presents the opportunity for Bob to introduce new ideas and best practices when working with his current clients.

Started in oncology research then moved to quality in production. Staying in production from Sanofi to Boehringer-Ingelheim: Production Manager focused on supervised integrated processes and M.

Back to Sanofi to lead the full integration of clinical supply chain through acquisitions, merging and terminations. Speaker and panelist at specialized events, congresses and conferences in Europe on Air Cargo Supply Chain for Pharmaceuticals.

In she began her career at Amgen Europe as a Senior Associate Quality Assurance responsible for the quality oversight of the labelling and packaging activities of finished drug products.

She is currently in this role with a primary objective of ensuring the quality and safety of products during transport and distribution, including maintenance of product specified temperature conditions.

Gianne is now actively involved in Sanofi Global projects on the reduction of temperature excursions, simplification of Supply Chain Quality processes and performing product distribution risk assessments.

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He is charged with supporting the NHS and the healthcare industry to deliver greater efficiency and a more robust approach to patient safety. Glen is a highly accomplished senior executive, with over 15 years of national and international experience.

supply chain management master thesis sample

Marco Gaudesi Pharmacist, MSF Pharmacist, since the graduate thesis focused on the quality of medicinal products in unconventional circumstances. Professional experience started studying the complex environment of the emergency medical service and then evolved on the even more multifaceted world of the medical humanitarian activity in developing countries.

Currently focal point for Doctors Without Borders for: Experience consolidated performing GDP audits and implementing reliable pharmaceutical logistic solutions in about 20 different developing countries. Muhammad Azmat Khan Sr.Advanced Supply Chain Management. 3 hrs. Principles of supply chain management (SCM) to include SCM concepts, strategies, and models.

Principles of supply chain management (SCM) to include SCM concepts, strategies, and models. Feb 08,  · STATEMENT OF PURPOSE – Master of Science in Supply Chain Management and Purchasing In , I got my bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering from University of XXX, Italy.

The research carried out for my graduation thesis allowed me to contact Chinese industrial suppliers and consumers from different fields.

Many organizations have become cognizant to establishing supply chain management as an essential function and intrinsically Inventory Management in today’s business world.

and so on. The concept of “Supply Chain Management” simply encapsulated. The master thesis constitutes an important element of the MSc ETH MTEC program. The of examples and case studies to be integrated in the master thesis.

Following a non - information in the logistics and supply chain management area you may need in writing. Supply Chain Management is one of those research domains that will always have research opportunities and research topics for dissertation and thesis. The following guide contains several dissertation topics on risk management, particularly in supply chain management, CSR, social risks, and in the financial industry.

master thesis supply chain management